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Modelling and prediction in Football

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Competitive Balance

Manasis, V. and Ntzoufras, I. (2014). Between-seasons Competitive Balance in European Football: Review of Existing and Development of Specially Designed Indices. Journal of Quantitative Analysis of Sports,  10, 139–152.


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Sport Economics

Manasis, V., Ntzoufras, I. and Reade, J. (2015). Measuring Competitive Balance and Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis in European Football, arXiv:1507.00634v1 [stat.AP] (submitted).










Modelling Volleyball Data

Egidi, L. and Ntzoufras, I. (2019). A Bayesian Quest for Finding a Unified Model for Predicting
Volleyball Games
, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society C, 69, p.  1307-1336

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in World Champions Men'As Volleyball across Ages
. International Journal of Computer
Science in Sport, 18, 24{44.

Drikos and I. Ntzoufras (2015). Skills Importance across Ages for Men’s Volleyball. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Mathematics in Sport, p. 24–31

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