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AUEB Sports Analytics Group organizes an annual conference dedicated to all topics where mathematics and sports meet. 


AUEB Sports Analytics Workshop & Conference 2024 (SAW 2024), the 8th in the series, is scheduled as a live event at Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of Statistics at Thursday 23 & Friday 24 of May 2024.


The workshop will be accompanied by a live short course on Basketball Data Science of 8 hours on 20-21 May 2024 by Professor Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera (University of Brescia) and Dr. Christos Marmarinos (Sacramento Kings and AUEB Sports Analytics Group). 

A second virtual course on Football Analytics by our group may be also available of 12 hours on 27-30 May 2024 by Professors Ioannis Ntzoufras, Dimitris Karlis, Leonardo Egidi and Analyst Vasilis Armatas (Olympiacos FC Academy)

This is the 8th conference in Greece that brings together professionals and academics with a common interest in applying cutting-edge quantitative methods on Sports.  


Topics include:

  • Mathematical and physical models in sports   

  • Performance measures and models 

  • Optimisation of sports performance

  • Statistics and probability models

  • Match outcome models

  • Competitive strategy

  • Game theoretical models

  • Optimal tournament design and scheduling,

  • Decision support systems

  • Econometrics in sport 

  • Analysis of sporting technologies

  • Computationally intensive methods

  • Financial valuation in sport


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Live Conference
23-24 May 2024, Athens (Greece)
Live course on Basketball Data Science (20-21 May 2024)

Virtual course on Football Analytics (27-30 May 2024) 

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