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The Conference

AUEB Sports Analytics Group organizes an annual conference dedicated to all topics where mathematics and sport meet. 

AUEB Sports Analytics Workshop 2019 is hosted by Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece) and organized by the Department of Statistics from Monday 25th of November to Tuesday 26th of November 2019.  The workshop is accompanied by a short course on BASKETBALL DATA SCIENCE (25-28 November 2019).


This is the 4th conference in Greece that brings together professionals and academics with a common interest in applying cutting-edge quantitative methods on Sports.  


Topics include:

  • Mathematical and physical models in sports

  • Performance measures and models 

  • Optimisation of sports performance

  • Statistics and probability models

  • Match outcome models

  • Competitive strategy

  • Game theoretical models

  • Optimal tournament design and scheduling,

  • Decision support systems

  • Econometrics in sport 

  • Analysis of sporting technologies

  • Computationally intensive methods

  • Financial valuation in sport





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Past Events

Aueb Sports Analytics Workshop 2019

25-26 November 2019, Athens (Greece)

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