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Confirmed Talks and Speakers

  1. Ask not what economics can do for sports - ask what sports can do for economics by Alex Krum (Molde University College, Norway)

  2. In-play event prediction using machine learning and spatiotemporal data in association football by Steffen Lang (Technical University of Munich)

  3. Score More with Data: Unveiling the Coach's Analytics Advantage - an illustration with handball by Florian Felice (University of Luxemburg)

  4. Measuring shooting performance in the basketball court with spatial statistics methods. A structured case study with data of the Italian Basketball First League by Mirko Carlesso (University of Brescia)

  5. Computer Vision in Basketball  by Gabriele Giudici (University of Brescia)

  6. Injuries in NBA and player’s vulnerability by Ambra Macis (University of Brescia) 

  7. Predicting full retirement attainment of NBA players by Michail  Tsagris (University of Crete)

  8. Exploring team-level momentum effects: a study of offensive and defensive performances in the NBA by Michels Rouven (Bielefeld University)

  9. A Game Theoretical Mathematical Modelling for the Best Team Formation During the Basketball Match by Gerçek Budak (Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University)

  10. Estimation of counterfactual outcomes in basketball games with trajectory prediction by Keisuke Fujii (Nagoya University)

  11. Tactical Problems in Football using Tracking Data and Causal Methods by Tim Swartz (Simon Fraser University)

  12. Exploring the relationship between basketball substitution and collective performance using complex network by Tianxiao Guo (Beijing Sport University)

  13. PEP: Evaluating tackles in American football by Robert Bajons (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

  14. Athletic Performance Trajectories for middle-distance running Inferred via a Bayesian Hierarchical Model by Laurentiu Hinoveanu (University of Kent, UK)

  15. Impact of player combinations on scoring efficiency: using shooting style clustering based on Wasserstein distance of dynamic features by Kazuhiro Yamada (Nagoya University)

  16. A basketball description of (almost) everything by Dimitris Dallas (AUEB)

  17. A Multivariate Copula-based Conformal Bayesian Framework for Doping Detection by Nina Deliu (MEMOTEF, Sapienza University)

  18. Doping control analysis in athletes’ steroid profile: a multivariate Bayesian learning approach by Dimitra Eleftheriou (Leiden University)

  19. Analysis of Success Probabilities in Field Hockey with Bivariate Binomial Regression in Machine Learning by Jethro Ronald Lee (Northeastern University)

  20. The use of Bradley-Terry comparisons in statistical and machine learning models to predict football results by Roberto Macrì Demartino (University of Padova)

  21. Lasso Multinomial Indicators for In-Play Basketball Data by Ioannis Ntzoufras and Argyro Damoulaki, AUEB Sports Analytics Group, Greece

  22. Exploring New Frontiers: Greek Research in Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Athletes by Michalis Nikolouzos, AUEB and is.predicted, Greece

  23. Statistical Models for handball by Dimitris Karlis, AUEB Sports Analytics Group, Greece


Live Conference
23-24 May 2024, Athens (Greece)
Live course on Basketball Data Science (20-21 May 2024)

Virtual course on Football Analytics (27-30 May 2024) 

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