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Στο Εργαστήριο Υπολογιστικής και Μπεϋζιανής Στατιστικής διεξάγεται έρευνα αναφορικά με τα παρακάτω πεδία:

  • Bayesian Variable Selection

  • Mixture Models

  • Real Estate Analytics

  • Quality Control

  • Epidemics

Market Analysis
Real Estate Analytics
Program REA, funded by ESPA. The aim is to develop methodlogical tools for realestate, namely Automatic Valuation Models, Visualizations, Risk Management and Indexation
The lab helps on organizing and creating material for seminars. Some seminars are ordered by companies while some other run periodically. topics covered
  • Programming with R
  • Statistics with R
  • Advanced Statistics with R
Link to e-learning courses of the lab
AUEB Graduate Survey
The LAb participates actively in the organization, administration and analysis of the data from AUEB graduates about their steps after graduation
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