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Registration & Fees

The online registrations are not valid anymore. 

If you are interested in SAW 2023 you can register live on Thursday, 4 May 2023, before the workshop begins, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (N.H.R.F). 

You can find the location of the workshop here:

Student fees
SAW 2023

Short Course On Football Analytics
160€ (Virtual)

SAW 2023+Short Course


Normal Fees
 SAW 2023

Short Course On Football Analytics

SAW 2022+Short Course

Late  Registration: From 24th April 2023

  • Live: You will need to attend a physical room at AUEB - no link will be provided
    Virtual: Participation will be virtually using TEAMS - 2 links for SAW2022 and one 1 link for the Course will be provided

To register for SAW 2023 and/or
the Short Course On Football Analytics,

please click on the button below. 

The registration is open.
If you experience problems please sent an email to in order to complete
registration manually 

Submit you abstract here 

Contributed Talks will be accepted unti 30/3/2023
They will be assessed imediately as they receive and contributors will be notified until 10/4/2023 (the latest)

Payment of registration fees can be completed by

(a) Bank deposit to the conference account [here]()

(b) Credit Card (via paypal - no registration is needed); 

link can be found within the registration


Live Conference
4-5 May 2023, Athens (Greece)
Football Analytics virtual course 2-3 May 2023

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