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Confirmed Talks and Speakers

  • Basketball Data Science Course by Marica Manisera & Paola Zuccoloto, University of Brescia, Italy. 

  • The Impact of Absent Coworkers on Productivity in Teams by Thomas Peeters,  Erasmus School of Economics, Netherlands

  • Generalists versus specialists: Testing a dynamic framework on the impact of stars by Georgios Nalbantis, University of Tubingen, Germany 

  • Revisiting financial fair play and competitive balance by Elisavet Manoli, University of Loughborough, UK. 

  • Assessing competitive balance in the English First Division/Premier League for over forty seasons using a stochastic block model by Nial Friel, University College Dublin, Ireland

  • The hot hand in the wild by Kostas Pelechrinis, University of Pittsburg, USA 

  • Orthogonal schedules in Round Robin tournaments  by Frits Spieksma, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands 

  • The use of technology in football clubs' operations by Michail Anagnostou, University College of Football Business , UK 

  • Generating data cultures in sports organizations on and off the field of play by Hisham Shehabi    ,  N3XT Sports, USA

  • Training in lockdown. The impact of stringency measures on the Olympic games of Tokyo 2020 by Vincenzo Alfano, University of Messina, Italy 

  • How data can be translated into meaningful information, personalized performance monitoring via statistical and stochastic algorithms by Kostas Chatzichristos, CCKA Moscow Basketball

  • Leveraging the power of Data to create Sustainable Sports by Giannos Konstantopoulos, The Sports Footprint, Greece

  • The Higher-Order PLS-SEM Confirmatory Approach for Composite Indicators applied on Football by Matia Cefis, University of Brescia, Italy

  • Trends in competitive balance and the long-term success of European football by Vasilios Manasis, University of Athens & AUEB, Greece

  • Enhancing the fight against doping: using copulas for multivariate testing analysis on Athlete Biological Passport profiles by Brunero Liseo, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy

  • Flexible marked spatio-temporal point processes with applications to event sequences from association football by Petros Dellaportas, UCL (UK) & AUEB (Greece) 

  • Effects of gender, age and match status on the tactical development of shooting opportunities during the U17, U20 and Senior FIFA World Cup. A multilevel analysis by Vasilios Armatas, Olympiakos FC Academy, Greece

  • Fantasy Sports Interactive - Innovative Fantasy Sports Analytics by Vasilios Mexias, Fantasy Sports Interactive (FSI), Greece. 

  • A Performance Evaluation of the EURO 2020 Soccer Players based on Fantasy Sports Points by  Vasilios Palaskas, Fantasy Sports Interactive, Greece

  • footBayes: an R package for fitting Bayesian and frequentist football models by Leonardo Egidi, University of Trieste, Italy

  • Bayesian Skill Importance for Volleyball Set Determination by Ioannis Ntzoufras, AUEB Sports Analytics Group, Greece

  • Post-tournament analysis. Methods to investigate teams' performance. The Volleyball example by  Sotiris Drikos, AUEB Sports Analytics Group & University of Athens, Greece

  • Basketball & Analytics: How analytics shaped the Sport by Christos Mamarinos, AUEB & Kosovo National Basket Team, Greece

  • Evaluating the performance of NBA players: A survival analysis study by Ambra Macis, University of Brescia, Italy

  • Modelling the outcome of basketball game: some new results by Dimitris Karlis, AUEB Sports Analytics Group, Greece


hybrid conference
26-27 May 2022, Athens (Greece)
Basketball data science course 23-24 May 2022

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