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Talks and Speakers

  • ​​Measuring spatial performance in basketball by CART  by Marica Manisera, University of Brescia

  • Comparing statistical models and machine learning algorithms in predicting football outcomes  by Leonardo Egidi, University of Trieste 

  • Do football spectators like or hate dynasties?  by Stefan Kesenne, Emeritus Professor, University of Antwerp & University of Leuven, Belgium

  • Why is the market of professional football not a free-entry market?  by Stefan Kesenne, Emeritus Professor, University of Antwerp & University of Leuven, Belgium

  • A Unified Bayesian Model for Volleyball by Ioannis Ntzoufras, AUEB, Greece

  • When the next goal will occur? A Bayesian Survival Analysis Approach in Football  by  Ilias Leriou, AUEB, Greece

  • Predicting winners in NBA basketball games by machine learning by Manlio Migliorati, University of Brescia, Italy

  • A dynamic matrix variate clustering approach for monitoring running activities  by  Mattia Stival, University of Padova, Italy​ 

  • A new dependence structure to predict football match Outcomes by Jacopo Diquigiovann, University of Padova, Italy 

  • Predictions with Expected Goals: a Model for the Scoring Process in a Football Match  by Lorenzo Schiavon, University of Padova, Italy 

  • Blood glucose concentration during endurance sports by Giovani Sebastiani, Istituto Applicazione Calcolo ''Mauro Picone'', CNR, Rome, Italy

  • The creation of goal scoring opportunities: tactical differences between top European football leagues  by  Vasileios Armatas, University of Athens, Greece

  • Modelling football: issues of robustness  by  Dimitris Karlis, AUEB, Greece
  • An Iterated Local Search method for league scheduling with various
    operational realties 
    by  Panos Repoussis, University of Athens, Greece

  • Basic Basketball Analytics: Meaning, formulas, interpretation and forms of visualization of data  by  Christos Marmarinos, University of Athens, Greece

  • Play-off system in Greek Superleague  by  Vasileios Manasis, AUEB Sports Analytics Group, Greece

  • Sports Event Management and the Case Study of EKO All Star Game 2019  by  Maria Gkouma, Next Mile Ltd, Greece 

  • Fitness statistics from tracking data:  a case study from games of the  reek National Football team  by  Stelios Vradelis, Institute of Sport Analysis, Greece

SAW2019 v2 FB.png

Aueb Sports Analytics Workshop 2019

25-26 November 2019, Athens (Greece)

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