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Short Course in Sports Economics by Professor Stefan Kesenne

Session 1

15.00-18.00 Wednesday 21/11/2018 (AUEB Postgraduate Building, Room 606)

The Football Product Market

  • Peculiar characteristics of the prof. team sports industry and its implications (UOH, Single Entity Status?)

  • The objective of a football club: Profit-, win- or fan welfare maximization?

  • Demand for stadium tickets (Price elasticity)

  • Club revenues and costs

  • Ticket pricing under profit- and win maximization

  • Sports and Television

    • The upstream market of broadcast rights

    • The downstream market of televised sports

Session 2

15.00-18.00 Thursday 22/11/2018 (AUEB Postgraduate Building, Room 606)

The Player Labour Market in Professional Team Sports

  • Demand and Supply of talent in the player market

  • Walras Equilibrium with profit-maximizing teams

  • Comparing Profit- and Win maximization

  • Walras equilibrium versus Nash equilibrium

Session 3

15.00-18.00 Friday 23/11/2018 (AUEB Postgraduate Building, Room 606)

League Policy

  • Revenue Sharing, competitive balance and player salaries

  • Impact of different Sharing Systems

  • Salary Caps, competitive balance and player salaries

  • North-American salary cap versus G-14 (ECA) salary cap.

  • The Impact of the Transfer system (CB, TPO and salaries) Bosman verdict of the ECJ, Dec. 1995

Session 4 (SAW2018 Lecture, optional) 

15.45-16.45 Monday 26/11/2018 (Main Amphitheatre, Main AUEB building, Antoniadou Wing)

Competitive imbalance, transfer market and youth training

Session 5 (SAW2018 Lecture, optional) 

15.00-16.00 Tuesday 27/11/2018 (Main Amphitheatre, Main AUEB building, Antoniadou Wing)

Free-entry football market and the number of professional teams

The main course will be held in the Postgraduate Building of AUEB (Evelpidon 47 & Lefkados) 

The two optional courses will be part of SAW2018 and will be held in the Main Amphetheater of the Main Building of AUEB at Antoniadou Wing (76, Patission Street or 28th of October Street). 

All course participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend all Sessions 1-3 or all Sessions 1-5 except one of obligatory ones (i.e. one from Sessions 1-3 can be substituted by the two optional ones). 


Upcoming Event


Aueb Sports Analytics Workshop 2018

Athens (Greece), 26-27 November 2018

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