Short Course on


by Dr Marica Manisera (University of Brescia)

DAY 1 

14.15-17.00 Monday 25/11/2019 (AUEB New Building, Room T102, 1st Floor)

Lecture 1 

  • Data science in basketball

  • Basketball analytics: state of the art

  • Basketball data

  • Introduction to the R package BasketballAnalyzeR


14.15-17.00 Tuesday 26/11/2019 (AUEB New Building, Room T102, 1st Floor)

Lecture 2

Basic statistical analyses using BasketballAnalyzeR (1/2)

  • Pace, Ratings, Four Factors

  • Graphical representations

  • Variability analysis

  • Inequality analysis


15.15-18.00 Wednesday 27/11/2019 (AUEB Postgraduate Building, Room 609, 6th Floor)

Lecture 3 

  • Basic statistical analyses using BasketballAnalyzeR (2/2)

  • Shot charts

  • Discovering Patterns in data


15.15-18.00 Thursday 28/11/2019 (AUEB Postgraduate Building, Room 901, 9th Floor)

Lecture 4 

  • Finding groups in data

  • Assignment of exercises to solve 


  • Paola Zuccolotto and Marica Manisera, Basketball Data Science. With Applications in R. CRC Press, forthcoming.

  • Marco Sandri, Paola Zuccolotto, and Marica Manisera (2019). BasketballAnalyzeR: an R package for the analysis of basketball 

  • Marco Sandri, The R package BasketballAnalyzeR, in: Zuccolotto P. and Manisera M., Basketball Data Science, forthcoming,  
    Chapter 6. 

  • Marica Manisera, Marco Sandri and Paola Zuccolotto (2019), BasketballAnalyzeR: the R package for basketball
    analytics. Proceedings of the Conference Smart Statistics for Smart Applications (SIS 2019), Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, 19st-21st June 2019, 395 – 402.



Course Details

The Course will be limited to 40 people. Register here.

All participants must bring their own laptops fully charged with R and  the R package BasketballAnalyzeR already installed. 

How to install it:
For any problem, please write to

All course participants will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend three out of the four sessions.  


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Aueb Sports Analytics Workshop 2019

25-26 November 2019, Athens (Greece)