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About Us

The Department of Statistics of the Athens University of Economics and Business was founded in 1989. Its purpose is to provide innovative and high quality undergraduate and postgraduate education in probability and statistics. Every year 120 undergraduate students and ~20 postgraduate students are accepted in two M.Sc. courses.   

The department has an international reputation for development of statistical methodology that has grown from its history of active contributions to research and teaching in statistics.

We welcome PhD applications from students with an excellent M.Sc. qualification and an interest in many areas of statistics like Bayesian statistics, stochastic modeling, financial mathematics, actuarial statistics or multivariate statistics.

Aim of the PhD Program

The PhD Program’s aim is to prepare candidates that desire to follow an academic career, or more generally, a career in research.  The program’s graduates have the full ability to fulfill academic positions, as well as executive positions in businesses, banks and various other private and public sector organizations.

Candidates Profile

Candidates must meet the minimum requirements for applying to the program, which are the following:

  1. M.Sc. in Statistics or a relevant field.

  2. Two letters of recommendation

  3. Good knowledge of the English language.

Candidates with special potential that do not meet requirement A are able to apply for the program.

All applications are examined by the department’s Postgraduate Studies Committee.  The Committee can ask a candidate for an interview before its final decision.

After the applications approval, a supervisor is defined.

Applications can be submitted throughout the academic year, while registrations take place in September.

The application can be found here.

Program Structure

  1. The application is initially approved if the candidate has brought the minimum required documents that are mentioned above.

  2. During the winter semester of the first year, the candidates must follow and pass the exams at three doctoral courses. These courses are in the areas of “Theoretical Statistics”, “Stochastic Procedures” and “Numerical Methods”.  During their first year, they are also required to attend a special program of at least 6 seminars presented by some of the Department’s faculty members.

  3. At the end of each academic year, the PhD student must present both orally and I written, a progress report to the three-member Committee, regarding the research he conducted during the previous year.

  4. Minimum studies duration cannot be less than three (3) full academic years since the committee is appointed. Maximum duration is set at six (6) years since the committee’s appointment.


The Regulation for Doctoral Studies for the Statistics Department can be found here (in Greek).

There is also a post-doctoral program in the Department. You can find more information here.

Meet The Staff

The department has 22 resident faculty members the majority of which hold PhD's of some of the best universities in the area of Statistical science. The scientific staff of the Department has a strong presence in academia and high visibility internationally with a number of publications is some of the most respected journals in the field.


 The PhD candidates of the Statistics department are exempted from tuition. Each candidate provides auxiliary work at the department, which necessarily involves exams supervisions (both in the Undergraduate and the Postgraduate program), and, in accordance to the Department’s needs, assistance in the following areas:

  1. Tutorial teaching and exercises, for one academic course per semester, at most.

  2. Undergraduate and Postgraduate assignments supervision.

  3. Employment at the Department’s computer labs.

For the cases in 1 and 2, candidates are reimbursed based on relative decisions of the General Assembly of the Department’s committee.

PhD candidates have the obligation to be present at the University's premises in accordance to the program defined by the Postgraduate Studies Manager.

Seminars and Short Courses

In order to provide a continuous and versatile education, the MSc program in Statistics organizes many seminars addressing different aspects of the science of Statistics, with well respected lecturers from many Universities, both in Greece as well as in Europe and the US.
The Department also organizes workshops and Summer schools about a variety of topics.
An indicative list of all seminars and workshops can be found below.


The postgraduate Statistics Lab is located at 47 Evelpidon and Lefkados 33 str, on the 2nd floor. The lab is used by postgraduate students, PhD candidates and faculty members of the Department.
There are currently 22 pc workstations, comprising a local network, 1 printer and projector. There are 4 pc’s connected to the internet.
Postgraduate students and PhD candidates can use this lab for their research. PC’s are equipped with many statistical packages, word processors, databases, etc.
There are also seminars that take place in this lab, as well as and postgraduate courses.

Visit Us!

Visitors are always welcome to our school. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

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